paledo - paperless documentation

Increase your employee’s efficiency and process quality and save printing costs at the same time!

Comparison of standard SAP and Paledo/SAP process

Save time and money through the elimination of paper!

Each time you transfer information from your computer onto paper or vice versa, you lose time and money. Either you print numerous sheets of paper, which you have to carry to the place of documentation, or you need to typewrite all the information you noted on a sheet of paper. PALEDO releases your company from these media conversions.

Der Formulardesigner

No compromise when it comes to form design!

You can import your paper protocols into the PALEDO system in an instant and then use the customary forms and layouts in a fully digital process. The process supports all steps from creating the maintenance order to archiving the filled in protocols in your network. Capture notes easily and take pictures of the maintenance work. The neatly subsequent entry of your maintenance work becomes unnecessary.

Der Formulardesigner

Avoid transcription errors!

Technical information will be added automatically to the according object of maintenance / documentation of your protocols. The assumption of property numbers, vehicle serial numbers, etc. becomes redundant. Do you sometimes have problems reading the handwriting of your colleagues, or even your own? With PALEDO you can digitize your handwriting on location. No more misunderstandings regarding typewriting!

Ein vollständiges technisches Archiv vor Ort!

A complete technical archive on location!

A complete technical archive on location!
Avoid unnecessary ways to the archive to find manuals, drawings or wiring diagrams. Any information that is necessary for your job is automatically on the PALEDO-Tablet. This powerful device enables you to carry complete libraries of technical documentations with you – in consolidated dimensions.