paledo - paperless documentation

Intuitive usability – documentation as easy as on paper but with all benefits of the digital world

Pen-based operation and handwriting recognition, a system that everyone understands

The mobile operation of the system can be carried out completely by pen. Thanks to the powerful handwriting recognition scarcely anything changes, compared to the convenience with paper forms. Due to the integration of calculation formulas and predefined choice boxes, you even save time when documenting.
Importantly, your signature is conserved as it is in digitized form.

Digitizing of your paper protocols in the twinkling of an eye

No programming is needed to digitize your documentation processes. After a short training by our employees you will be able to transfer required protocols by yourself to the system. PALEDO recognizes your protocol layout automatically. You only have to define the input boxes and start working.

Integrated notebook, no paper chaos any longer!

Operational at record speed with minimal training effort

Thanks to the intuitive operation system, the device can be handled by all kind of users. If you are able to document on paper, you are also suited to use PALEDO. This results in maximal user acceptance at minimal training time.