paledo - paperless documentation

The integration aspect – Open system,
that can be easily connected

Standard serial interfaces are included

An easy configurable interface module is already included in the PALEDO system. Due to the use of standard exchange formats like .csv, .xls or .xml most systems can be connected to PALEDO without programming. You can enter your master and order data into the system, and PALEDO will then create the complete documentation as .pdf or .xml. You will get your fully integrated system with minimal configuration effort.

Nothing is impossible

Is your process especially complicated? Does your system contain special serial interfaces? We analyze possible integration strategies for your system and offer customized solutions. Due to our long term international experience in the field of process optimization using documentation solutions, there is almost no system that cannot be connected to PALEDO.
Give us a try!

Extend your existing system towards the site of action

Due to the connection of PALEDO to existing ERP or PMS systems, you conserve your already made investments and extend the reach of your documentation solution towards the site of action. You will save time and money thanks to the complete avoidance of cross media conversion. Motivate your employees by relieving them of tiring routine actions. Benefit from Paperless Documentation!

Your exigence is our challenge

Do you have a special idea for the configuration of your documentation processes?
Is there a function that you miss in PALEDO? We are happy to meet with you on-site and analyze your specifications. Our highly qualified team of software developers accepts every challenge and creates PALEDO extensions that make you advance.