paledo - paperless documentation

PALEDO - Innovative Mobile Maintenance

PALEDO is an innovative and mobile documentation system. It enables you to eliminate the paper from your documentation processes. This helps you to save time and money and furthermore increases the quality of documentation and the motivation of your employees. PALEDO consists of a user-friendly software component combined with an ergonomic TabletPC device. The complete system integrates in your existing IT world without any difficulty and connects to existing ERP software (e.g. SAP PM). PALEDO – Mobile maintenance made easy!


Save time & money

Eliminate the exhausting routine of typewriting

Eliminate the paper from your documentation processes. Release your employees from exhausting typewriting and the environment from unnecessary recovered paper. Increase the quality of documentation and save money. Your existing production logs are integrated digitally in the process within a few minutes. Mobile maintenance – as easy as it has never been before.


As easy as writing on paper

Highly accepted by every employee

The system is easy to use with its reliable handwriting recognition. Regardless of the age or IT-experience of your employees: everybody gets along with the system, as the handling is completely carried out by pen. Tired of handwritten documentation? Make use of the built-in camera and take a picture!


Chic, robust & highly productive

Fast and robust machines

Up-to-date energy saving Core i5 dualcore processors combined with shock-resistant SSDs in an IP54 shell. Our hardware is water- and drop- resistant, easy to clean and can even be used with oily fingers. Supports Barcode and RFID.


Integration ability

Integrates smoothly into existing IT systems

Do you already have ERP or an order management system? Whether SAP PM or self-developed, we affiliate every system cost-saving and fast with standardized interface modules. Assure your existing capital investment through our mobile extension and launch mobile maintenance in your company.