paledo - paperless documentation

PALEDO - Facts at a glance

PALEDO is an innovative,
mobile documentation system
based on Tablet-PCs.

It consists of an innovative software system
combined with an ergonomic input device.

What is the aim of the system?

The aim is to implement a continuous digital documentation
process without cross-media conversion when performing
complex inspection and maintenance operations.

What are the advantages of the system?

  • Increase in documentation quality
  • Reduction of documentation costs
  • Reduction of the employee’s workload in documentation
  • No more recurrent, application specific compilation of
    documentation templates
  • No more printing of documentation templates
  • No more typewriting and scanning of handwritten reports
  • Automatic archiving of documentation
  • Automatic creation of a detailed, evaluable maintenance
  • Increase of employee’s motivation through reduction of
    “bureaucratic” paperwork
  • Mobile availability of technical data and digitized documents
    (e.g. technical drawings, manuals, etc.)

What makes the system special?

  • Any paper protocols can be transferred to the system
    with little effort and without programming skills.
  • Protocols can be optimized in terms of calculation
    formulas, automatic control of tolerance bands and
    dynamic transfer of master data even by users without
    programming skills.
  • Layouts of existing protocols are conserved exactly as
    they are.
  • Protocols are filled out by hand as usual and handwriting
    is digitized by automatic character recognition.
  • Due to the robust and ergonomic Tablet-PC and its
    large screen, the system is far superior to PDA solutions
    when dealing with complex protocols.
  • Using standard interfaces the system can be connected
    to existing ERP and IPS systems at low cost (e.g. SAP
    PM, Maximo, CS/IBFS or other customized solutions).
  • The implementation of a productive system is normally
    achieved within 4-8 weeks with little effort.

What are the IT-requirements?

  • 1 Server- Computer with a minimum of 2 GB RAM,
    40 GB free space on hard disk, 2.5 GHz processor,
    Windows Server or XP operating system (Server can
    be shared with other systems)
  • 1 Client Computer with a minimum of 1 GB RAM,
    1.5 GHz processor
  • Network connection between client and server computer,
    connection of mobile end devices through Ethernet,

What are the technical features of the mobile device?

  • Hardware: Intel Core i5 processor, 2 GB RAM, protection class
    IP54, shock tested according to MIL-STD-810G, resistant
    gorilla-glass display, View-Anywhere display for
    outdoor use, 62 GB SSD, integrated barcode and
    RFID reader, Ethernet, WLAN, optional 3G module
    (UMTS/EDGE) with GPS, camera, Hot Swap battery
  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows XP