paledo - paperless documentation

Application areas of PALEDO

PALEDO can be successfully used to replace data acquisition on paper protocols and storage. The PALEDO system contains a modular set-up and can be configurated and extended using numerous existing standard and special modules. Its full potential is unveiled in the area of maintenance. PALEDO serves as a mobile documentation and information system for service engineers, repair shop employees and their supervisors.

Transportation company

In transportation of passengers security comes first. Maintenance work has to be accurately documented, agreed upon by public authority and referees and archived properly. PALEDO offers appropriate functions for all these demands. The PALEDO system contains a range of special solutions in the area of transportation that are customized for maintenance documentation of underground trains, tramways and busses. PALEDO supports documentation processes to fulfill the governmental requirements, e.g. in the area of general and security inspections, brake tests and controls of the trip recorder.

Energy business

There is a high documentation necessity in the energy business due to the high and complex demands in the maintenance of conventional and nuclear power plants. A smooth execution of maintenance work and documentation is extremely important, since engine shutdown results in huge opportunity costs. PALEDO is the ideal companion for maintenance engineers due to its documentation and assistance functionalities.

Maintenance service

Many providers of special tools and machines (huge valves, pumps, elevators …) offer after sales maintenance service. Special IT-solutions, which are used to document and invoice repair jobs, often exist for products that are sold in high quantity (e.g. household appliances). However, it is not profitable to develop these special IT solutions for small series or machines with complex maintenance instructions. Even for those cases PALEDO enables the implementation of a complete digital process due to easy integration of existing paper protocols. The customer is able to configurate the necessary processes by himself with only little effort. A ROI is achieved in short time.

Real estate and facility management

To guarantee long term conservation of value of large real estates it is necessary to periodically and carefully maintain the technical equipment (elevators, air conditioning systems, moving stairways, heating installations …). In case an object is sold or its value is estimated it is crucial to document its impeccable condition and performed work in a clear and transparent form. It is advantageous to use a fully digital process from the beginning to document and archive, since routine administration costs are reduced and the possible sales revenue is increased.


Perfect functioning of machines with maximal availability is key to high-tech production facilities, production of small series or to execution of Just-In-Time processes. PALEDO helps to increase efficiency of maintenance work. Due to analysis of the maintenance history and permanent mobile availability of technical documentation attachments problems can be recognized and solved early. In times of highly automated production lines, it is not acceptable to keep on using maintenance documentation as it has been 20 years ago.