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The SAP interface – a cost-efficient standard package for SAP PM & Co

The following site provides an insight into the functionality of the PALEDO interface framework. If you need further information, please contact us.

Modular configuration

The PALEDO SAP interface framework is a modular system for the connection of SAP PM to PALEDO. It consists of different basic modules that are compiled specifically for each customer and enable the use of different SAP functionalities. Here, data are retrieved from SAP and maintenance results are back reported. The existing modular packages are listed in figure 1.

PALEDO - SAP interface framework

Customized adjustment

Depending on how SAP PM is used in your company and your maintenance processes are designed, customizing of the PALEDO modules is necessary. This is generally restricted to the compilation and configuration of existing module packages. In case very special client requests exist or customized SAP modules have to be connected, the framework can be extended by individual programming.

Easy installation

The interface framework is part of the PALEDO Server. Existing PALEDO installations can be easily extended using this module. Module configuration is carried out via a graphical user interface in the PALEDO desktop client. The SAP Server entity has to be available from the PALEDO Server via the network. A user account has to be configurated in SAP that is allowed to access the necessary functional groups/BAPIs via RFC. The user name and password of this account are deposited at the PALEDO Server. The exact functioning of the interface – e.g. which tasks are transferred, how to report back, how are PDF files stored…) is configurated in PALEDO according to the customer’s requests.

Long-term reliability through the use of SAP standard

Long-term reliability through the use of SAP standard

The interface framework is based on the SAP ERP standard (6.0) and requires no further interface development on the SAP part. Furthermore, PALEDO does not need any novel ABAP programs to be specially installed. The relevant functionality modules (BAPIs) are already included in SAP PM and do not need to be reinstalled. Since these SAP modules are explicitly designed to connect different SAP systems or to integrated external systems, they contain a stable interface. This means that the interface remains operational when new SAP updates are introduced.


The PALEDO interface framework is a flexible, adaptable modular system to connect SAP PM to PALEDO. Data can be retrieved from SAP and maintenance results can be reported back. Customizing of the interface takes place inside PALEDO. On the SAP site, only standard, PALEDO unspecific modules are used. Apart from the configuration of a specific PALEDO user account no adaptation has to be done in SAP. This results in a fast and cost-efficient integration in the existing SAP landscape.