paledo - paperless documentation

The SAP interface framework – SAP PM seamlessly integrated

SAP PM is a powerful, universal and complex platform for organization of your maintenance processes. All relevant maintenance processes can be visualized and maintenance results can be recorded.

Unfortunately, ergonomics of this platform are not always ideal without cost intensive adjustment due to its universal configuration and high flexibility. Especially older workshop employees are often overstrained with complex input masks. But even computer experienced employees need much more time to execute maintenance tasks and give feedback.

Due to time-consuming and tiring data entry the potential of a central, structured data archive is not used. In many companies maintenance documentation is still recorded and archived on paper. Only most important information and accounting relevant details are systematically recorded in SAP.

Given the one-time costs of SAP PM launching and the continuous costs of its license, the investment is not optimally used this way.

The PALEDO system offers a comfortable and cost-saving way to solve this problem and get the maximum out of your SAP investment.

The system not only extends SAP PM by a mobile input interface. It also comes with an ergonomic, easy to use Front-End.

Regardless of what you want to do – reporting of completed tasks, time registration or technical feedback …- everything can be recorded ergonomically using automatic recognition of handwriting on your Tablet-PC and be archived in SAP.

The complete maintenance documentation is reported back in a structured form and tasks or reports are archived in SAP as PDF. Besides the standard protocols from SAP this documentation can be easily extended by specific additional documentation which has only been managed so far in Word or Excel. Photographic pictures of findings or technical drawings can be attached in the complete protocol.
This results in a meaningful and extensive documentation of maintenance history in SAP. This history is then easily available in structured form for all authorized SAP users.

  • Give your employees a tool that enables them to document your SAP tasks in a user friendly and ergonomic way and report them back to the system.
  • Maximize the potential of your SAP PM by transforming it into a maintenance archive that collects ALL relevant data and makes them available for other users.
  • Eliminate paper from your processes and avoid unnecessary printing and repeated data acquisition.
  • Increase the quality of your documentation by integrating photographic pictures, technical drawings and maintenance orders in your task.

If you think that such a system can only be implemented paying immense interface costs, read up on SAP integration using the PALEDO interface framework.