paledo - paperless documentation

VAG Nuremberg - Mobile maintenance for underground trains and tramways


  • Public transport company in the area of Nuremberg
  • Approximately 1.800 employees
  • Almost 400 own busses, tramways and underground trains

Application area

  • Maintenance documentation of underground trains and tramways in several repair shops


  • Complete replacement of paper based maintenance documentation
  • Digital data entry directly at the maintained machine/object
  • Task import from SAP PM
  • Task feedback to SAP PM incl. pictures of findings and chosen data


  • The appointed aims were fulfilled
  • The system is productively used with 15 TabletPC devices
  • The system is extended to further departments of the VAG Nuremberg


For a long time the VAG Nuremberg wished to eliminate paper from the maintenance processes of its underground trains and tramways. The aim was to avoid cross-media conversions and thus to save time and money and increase documentation quality.

Previous approaches failed due to the low employee’s acceptance in the repair shops: The proposed systems were too difficult to use and the existing, well-arranged protocol layouts that been optimized for years could not be displayed on the small PDA displays.

In 2010, a new attempt in the area of mobile maintenance documentation was made using PALEDO. Even less technophile employees accepted the system from the beginning: After all PALEDO enables them to continue handwritten documentation in the same protocols they are used to. Due to the automatic import of technical master data, task data and for example kilometer reading, they even have to record less data manually than before.

Employees do not need to print out or typewrite paper protocols any longer. Precious time is saved and work load is reduced. Due to the intuitive integration of pictures that are directly taken with the PALEDO end device, the informational value of the documentation is further increased. The implementation time – from the decision to the productive use of PALEDO was three months. All expectations regarding the systems were fulfilled. Due to the highly positive feedback the technical executive board of the VAG Nuremberg recommended to examine a possible PALEDO implementation in further departments of the company: A concrete next step was the implementation of the system in bus maintenance.