paledo - paperless documentation

FAQ - Questions and Answers

>> What is PALEDO?

PALEDO is an innovative, mobile documentation system based on Tablet-PCs. It combines a software system with an ergonomic input device. The aim of PALEDO is to implement a continuous digital documentation process without cross-media conversion. This results in increase of documentation quality and reduction of documentation costs at the same time. The PALEDO user can create documentation templates and save them in the system without programming skills. These templates are then used in a quality controlled process. The digital protocol templates are identical with their paper originals in terms of layout and are filled out by hand as usual. Handwriting is then digitized by automatic character recognition. The PALEDO system is easily integrated in already existing IT-infrastructures and can be connected to many ERP systems (e.g. SAP PM). It contains standard interfaces to import task and master data and to report back acquired measured data or documentation results.

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>> What does the name PALEDO mean?

PALEDO means PAperLEss DOcumentation – the execution of documentation processes without using paper. The philosophy of the system is the increase of documentation quality and reduction of documentation costs at the same time. This is achieved by the implementation of a continuous digital documentation process without cross-media conversion.

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>> When is the use of PALEDO recommended?

PALEDO is a modern, user-friendly tool that enables you to display your complete paper based documentation processes on a powerful Tablet-PC. Within 5 days, you can implement a productive system in your company that will be integrated into your existing IT landscape via automatic interfaces. Your employees can themself digitize existing paper protocols and connect them to attachment data without programming skills. Mobile documentation takes place with pen and state-of-the art handwriting recognition on modern and robust Tablet-PCs that fulfill industrial standards. Since PALEDO users continue documentation by hand on protocols they are used to, the system shows a very high acceptance among the work shop and field engineers.

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>> How long does it take to implement PALEDO?

Under standard conditions and when implementation is well prepared the PALEDO system is in productive use within 3 days including creation of protocol templates and user training. Of course, such a fast implementation requires efficient coordination between your IT and maintenance department. The PALEDO system is installed within one day and standard interfaces are configurated. The second day users are trained and documentation templates are created and assigned to documentation objects together with our trainers. On the third day “live” work start directly at the maintained object. It takes between 5 and 30 min to integrated one page of paper protocol template into the PALEDO system depend on the quantity of boxes and calculation formula you want to use. This results in rapid conversion of complete maintenance sectors to paperless documentation after PALEDO is set to productive use.

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>> Is the input device robust enough to withstand tough conditions at work?

The input device is rated protection class IP54, is a light-weight, of robust construction and easy to clean. Data entry takes place via pen/handwriting recognition, Barcode-Reader or RFID. A mobile keyboard or digital measurement devices can be connected to the Tablet-PC via Bluetooth or USB. The built-in digital camera enables you to document findings on location by simply taking a picture. The Hot- Swap battery lasts 4 hours and can be replaced while the Tablet PC is running. The View-Anywhere display is readable even outdoor and is protected against damage due to the use of special Gorilla® Glass.

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>> Do I need special knowledge to use PALEDO?

The PALEDO system can be operated by all kind of users thanks to its intuitive user interface. If you were able to document on paper until know, you will be able to document with PALEDO. This results in maximal user acceptance with minimal training time. Save money and time from now on!

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